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MMJ Card Renewals

Medical Marijuana Card Renewals

Looking to renew your Medical Cannabis License? It is recommended that you schedule an appointment to renew your card if your card expires within the next 30 days. Same-week appointments are available to qualified patients

Requirements for Renewing your Cannabis Card

Will your card expire soon? We can help you renew it fast and easy. Below are the requirements for renewing. If you qualify we encourage you to book an appointment with us

  • Your expiring Medical Cannabis Card/s

  • Must have a NM Driver’s License/ID.

  • Must bring Medical Records stating your condition

Hassle free mailing is provided

Hassle free mailing is included with all services provided for your convenience

Request Your Medical Records

The easiest way to get your medical records is to request the records in person at your medical clinic/provider’s office. It’s very imperative that you request your records in person. Also let the person preparing your request know you need your medical records for an upcoming medical appointment. Requesting your records in person is the most convenient method and we recommend this. Records can be faxed to our office at 505-212-3263.