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Severe Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Roadblock

Chronic pain is a lifestyle roadblock for many patients suffereing from this medical condtion.

Examples of Chronic Pain conditions

Some examples of chronic pain conditions are the following: Knee Pain, Back Pain, Painful Neuropathy (Nerve Damage), Fibromyalgia, Severe Migraines, Rheumatiod Arthiris, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Chronic Pain Treatment Medical Cannabis

  • Opioid-Free Pain Relief

    Opioids are addictive and dangerous

  • Freedom from Prescription Pain Killers

    Medical Marijuana helps relieve pain

  • A Natural Alternative with MMJ

    Medical Marijuana contains fewer chemicals

  • Fewer Side Effects and More Benefits

    MMJ has fewer risk factors compared to Opioids

Medical Marijuana Treatment for Severe Lower Back Pain

If you have severe lower back pain and you are tired of prescription pain killers, we can provide a medical alternative solution with medical cannabis. We can help you get pain relief for your severe lower back pain through the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program.

With the right treatment plan, medical cannabis is very effective at relieving severe lower back pain. Back surgery does not guarantee that you will be pain-free after the surgery. Many patients who suffer from low back pain, have declined back surgery and would rather get relief through medical cannabis.

We fully support your right to choose the best method to treat your pain. If you would like to get a cannabis card from us for your lower back pain, give us a call. 505-990-3978

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