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Marijuana Doctor Clovis, NM

Clovis NM Marijuana Doctor

Marijuana Doctor Clovis, NM. Greenview is a marijuana doctor that comes to service the community of Clovis, NM once a month. Our Marijuana doctor is a leading advocate for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program. Our doctor holds a clinic at Budding Hope Dispensary at 2300 E 7th Street in Clovis, NM on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month. We support all approved medical condtions for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program.
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Clovis Clinic Schedule

  • Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 from 9:00am to 5:00pm
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Cannabis Card Renewals

Already have an existing cannabis card that will expired or has already expired? Renew with us in Clovis, NM with our Marijuana Doctor.
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Cannabis & PTSD

PTSD is the #1 condition many patients suffer from. Instead of taking harmful prescription medications, patients have opted to treat their condition with medical cannabis. If you suffer from symptoms of PTSD you may qualify for a medical cannabis card.
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Cannabis & Chronic Pain

Like PTSD, Chronic pain is a leading medical condition many patients suffer from. For a decade or more the traditional treatment for chronic pain has been prescription opioids and benzos. The traditional treatment method is no longer the best method. Side effects and addiction have caused many patients to stay away from prescription medications for good and seek other alternatives. The better alternative to chronic pain relief that is all natural with little side effects is medical cannabis. We provide cannabis cards to anyone suffering from chronic pain who has a diagnosis. If you do not have a diagnosis, but suffer from chronic pain, we can diagnose your chronic pain and get you the relief you need.
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