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Marijuana Doctor Albuquerque NM

Greenview has a Marijuana Doctor available for appointments in the Albuquerque area and surrounding. Greenview's marijuana doctor can help any patient wishing to apply for a license for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program. Our marijuana doctor is compassionate and discreet about the care she provides to patients who are looking for medical relief with the help of medical cannabis. Our marijuana doctor is available by appointment during the week.

Greenview Medical Clinic in Albuquerque NM

Our hours are Monday through Friday from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. By appointment only.
Are you looking for friendly judgement-free marijuana doctor to get your Medical Cannabis Card?
  • Friendly Medical Cannabis Clinic

    Our Albuquerque clinic is welcoming and comfortable

  • Compassionate Marijuana Doctor

    Greenview's marijuana doctor provides quality compassionate care

  • Best Priced Cannabis Card in Albuquerque

    Greenview offers the best priced cannabis card services in Albuquerque

  • Top Rated Medical Cannabis Doctor

    Greenview's marijuana doctor has five star ratings on Google and Facebook.

Requirements for New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program

Are you new to the NM Medical Cannabis Program? Not sure how to qualify for the program? Below are the requirements for new patients. If you qualify we encourage you to book an appointment with us

  • Must be a resident of NM.

  • Must have a NM Driver’s License/ID.

  • Must have an approved medical condtion.

  • Must have at least 6-12 months of Medical Records

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Cannabis Renewal Services Albuquerque NM

We can help you get the following done through our marijuana doctor:
  • Medical Marijuana Evaluations
  • Medical Marijuana License Renewal
  • PTSD Evaluations
  • Personal Production License
  • Caregiver's License
  • Home Visit

Greenview is a full service medical marijuana clinic. Our medical marijuana doctor can help you enroll as a new patient, renew your medical cannabis card, and diagnose post traumatic stress disorder.
We support all 21 medical conditions for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program

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